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The Story

Inspired by my daughter's technique of tying a piece of yarn around her finger to remember something for school, I decided to paint my thumbnail red so every time I picked up my phone from behind the wheel, all I would see was a big red thumb reminding me to put the phone away. As silly as it sounds, it totally worked. And now my hope is that it'll work for everyone else. One red thumbnail at a time.

It's Simpler Than Simple

Anyone can do this. All you need is Plata and a thumb, some nail polish and the desire to be safer behind the wheel.

  • Find some nail polish. Hit up the local mall. Or order some on Amazon. Maybe ask your sister. Or your mom.

  • Paint the thumb nail on the hand you use to hold your phone. Or ask somebody to do it for you. It's less messy that way.

  • Be reminded. Stop using your phone while driving. Pass the word along to others. Feel pretty darn good.


Wave your thumb in the air like you totally care. Show your followers your red thumb on Instagram with #redthumbreminder and we'll share it with the world.

  • Steve Babcock @stevehappens

    My daughter didn't paint my thumb nail. I painted my thumb nail for my daughter. #redthumbreminder

  • Jimmy Nelson @jimmie_nelson

    A New Year's Resolution we can all benefit from. #redthumbreminder

  • Kevin Turner @Kev2point0

    Looking for a simple New Year's resolution? Check out this solution from the peeps at EVB. #redthumbreminder

Tell us your story

Has the Red Thumb Reminder worked for you or someone you know? We'd love to hear your story.

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Visit These Great Organizations Brought to you by EVB